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Product FAQ's

What are the Superspace panels made from?

Superspace panels are made using Eco Felt which is made from recycled plastic bottles!  Roughly 130 of them in fact in every 22 panel set. 

What ages is Superspace suitable for?

Superspace is for ages 3+ The product contains small magnets. While these are embedded in the plastic clip corners and are very hard to remove, if removed (if the corner clip broke for example), they would be dangerous if swallowed. 

Adult supervision is recommended. 

We encourage parents to check their Superspace often for loose or broken parts and take away panels with broken parts from children. 

Is your product child safety certified?

Yes, Superspace has passed the official children's safety standards for the UK and USA (UKCA and CE).

How many of each panel shape do I get in a 22 panel set?

The 22 panel set includes:

6 x squares
2 x square in a window
6 x triangles
6 x trapezoids

2 x rectangles

What are the sizes of each of the panels?

All of the panels are 9mm in thickness.  The sides of the squares, squares with windows and triangles are 500mm/20".  And the long side of the Trapezoid is 1000mm. 

What are the dimensions of the 22 set packing box?

1000mm * 500mm * 192mm

What colours does Superspace come in?

We are currently offering 5 colours: orange, turquoise, blue, charcoal and pine green.  If you click into the product information you can see images of the different colours. 

Shipping FAQ's

What countries do you ship to?

Are the moment we are shipping to theUS and UK only- but are hoping to extend to other countries soon.

Product Safety FAQ's

Are the magnets dangerous?

Neodymium magnets (or “Rare Earth”) have an inherent risk associated with them. However these magnets have been evaluated and passed by our stringent safety and quality control tests. There is no risk of a magnet being exposed to a persons skin. 

Those with electronic medical implants and pacemakers are advised to keep their distance from strong magnets. Magnets can also affect diabetic pumps if in close contact. 

Will the magnet effect my TV, phone or laptop?

We have tested TVs, phones and laptops and they are fine with these magnets. It’s best to keep your credit card from touching magnets however as they can wipe them (but only if really close).