A Space to Grow Young Minds

Here at Superspace, we passionately believe creative play is fundamental to a child's development both in terms of learning skills and as a means of helping them make sense of their own world.

Creative play is a fun way of helping children develop their motor skills, problem-solving, understanding and importantly, how they play with other children for teamwork.

"Children were inspired to tap into their creative and imaginative skills.
The open-ended play the set encourages allowed them to freely explore their own ideas and engage in roleplay."
Kim SDaycare Customer

"We have purchased multiple sets for our child care centres, and they have quickly become the children's new favourite building sets!"

Robin FDaycare Customer

"We purchased 4 sets for our 30 child daycare and they get played with ALL THE TIME! They’ve been a great addition to our program."

Helen SChildminder

"The freedom and creativity Superspace offers on such a large scale has never been done before and I cannot believe the difference it has made to the play of ALL children."

HayleyPreschool Customer

"Superspace is used every day in our preschool room. The resource has empowered the children's imagination and they have loved building with it."



Learning to explore their emotions through building and creating special spaces and adventures is a great way to help children integrate and understand their feelings in a non-serious, fun way.



Superspace is a great way to introduce children to problem solving in a simple, tactile way that's easy to understand - allowing them to explore a whole imaginary world outside of their own



Whilst not heavy or cumbersome, Superspace helps to really encourage the development of their motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination and balance.

FREE play-based lesson plans

Start sparking imagination with Superspace right out of the box with our FREE play-based lesson plans.

EYFS & Key Stage 1 aligned.

Recycle. Reuse. Build.

Sustainability all the way! Our Superspace panels are made from recycled plastic bottles (130 per set!) - we call it Eco-Felt.

Eco-Felt is super durable, easy to clean and won't degrade over time, ensuring your kids have a lifetime of adventures ahead of them.

Need some inspiration?

We have some great ideas for you to take inspiration from as well as some useful tips and tricks to help you realise your creations!